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Standing out from the crowd.

Somerset Gas has been awarded TrustMark accreditation, endorsed for quality by the U.K Government.

On March 30th 2021, Somerset Gas received the positive news that we had been awarded the TrustMark accreditation for Government Endorsed Quality.

The team at Somerset Gas recognise the value and importance of this accreditation so as to allow our company to stand out in a crowded market and to underpin the excellent levels of service that our company and our team provide.

A TrustMark registered business lets our customers know that when engaging with us; our customers can have peace of mind that our company has been thoroughly vetted and reviewed so as to meet the required standards and that we have made a commitment to good customer service.

Somerset Gas continues to strive for excellence in terms of the services that we provide, the advice that we publish, and the support that we give, and now the hard work of our team is not only recognised on a daily basis by our company or our existing customers but this accreditation demonstrates that recognition on an official capacity.

"This accreditation simply sums up the hard work and dedication of our entire team and provides them with the recognition that they deserve. Our company is where it is today due to the commitment that our employees make each and every day and the friendly, approachable, knowledgable and expert service that our employees provide to our customers on a daily basis. Thank you to our fantastic team".

Mark Lewis, Managing Director



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