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The latest facts about Gas Safety

1 in 11

Cookers inspected by Gas Safe Register are unsafe.

1 in 2

Gas fires inspected by Gas Safe Register are unsafe.

1 in 9

Boilers inspected by Gas Safe Register are unsafe.

1 in 7

Homes inspected by Gas Safe Register, in the South West has unsafe gas appliances

Real Stories

Jo's Story.

Knowing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning could save your live.

Jo Brooks was experiencing symptoms for several months before realising her family was suffering from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, putting their illness down to a virus that wouldn’t go away.


When they finally got a gas safety check, they found that a loose flue was leaking CO back into their home.


“Every morning I'd stagger to work and feel like I was hungover even when I hadn't had anything to drink. I put it down to a nasty virus. After the gas safety check, we got a brand new central heating system, more CO alarms around the house and we now make sure we set a reminder for our annual gas safety check by a registered engineer."

Jo continued: 


“I know we are incredibly lucky and that it could have been a lot worse for us. I urge all families to make sure they know the symptoms of CO poisoning and make sure they get an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe registered engineer as part of their routine to keep their family safe.”

The importance of a gas safety check
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Carbon monoxide (CO) is the most common form of household poison.  You can't see it, taste it, or smell it.

"The early symptoms of poisoning can be easily confused with many common ailments and can develop quickly or over a number of days or months".  Look out for: 







Take Action

If you think you have carbon monoxide poisoning, you should:

Leave the contaminated area immediately and get out into the open air.

Seek urgent medical advice from either your GP or your A&E department.

Open the windows and doors to ventilate the room, and don't sleep in it.

Switch off all your gas appliances and don't use them again until the problem has been fixed.

Shut off the gas supply at the meter control valve - if gas continues to escape, call the Gas Emergency free phone number on 0800 111 999

Call a Gas Safe Registered engineer to check all your gas appliances.

Gas Safety Continue

We're promoting Gas Safety week again in 2022. 

Join us here between September 12th - 18th 2022

The best ways to prevent CO poisoning and give you and your family peace of mind.
Ensure regular servicing of your fuel appliances by a Gas Safe registered engineer.  Any installation, repair and regular service must be done so by a qualified and registered engineer.
Make sure that you have good ventilation and enough fresh air in the room containing your fuel appliance.
Ensure that chimneys and flues are not blocked and that your vents are not covered.
If you have a fireplace, get your chimney swept from top to bottom at least once a year by a qualified sweep.
Do not use barbecues in enclosed spaces, i.e. indoors or inside a tent or caravan.
Book your annual service with Somerset Gas today.
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