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We are a reliable and trusted Social Housing Partner.

Somerset Gas has a proven track record as a reliable and trusted partner with local authorities and housing associations across the Somerset and Devon area.


For two decades, we have supported our partners in providing affordable and effective solutions to large projects, long-term gas servicing and maintenance contracts and responsive repairs. 

Collaboration, interface and colocation options.

We understand that a partnership is even more than just repairing boilers and inspecting heating systems. 


Somerset Gas offers a range of options to our customers that include API integrations into our bookings platform, providing real-time status updates and the ability to access work reports and certificates and with colocation; our team have the ability to work within our partner's environment.

We're supporting our partners by achieving the highest standards.

We understand the responsibilities that our customers have in order to achieve their legal obligations as a landlord and their key performance targets.  That is why our company operates strictly, adhering to contractual commitments and supporting our partners in achieving our shared aims.


All properties with confirmed access and a completed service certificate to make the gas appliance legal and safe.


Responsive repairs are completed on the first visit without the need to re-attend or return with a replacement part.


The level of customers that are 'happy' with the service that we provide.

*As of December 2018.

How we measure our performance.

In order to identify where we perform well as a company, we work closely with our existing partners in undergoing a continued quality management process.  This is to assess our customer service performance, our contractual obligations through means of key performance indicators and our ability to perform our role safely and correctly.

As part of our responsibilities to the communities in which we service, we work with third-party quality assurance inspectors to ensure that we are compliant on each and every job that we carry out. 


We continue to monitor our performance at core group and operation meetings with our customers and we work with the residents to make sure that our services are individually tailored to suit all needs and expectations.

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